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Luzhou LaoJiaoJiu cultureLuzhou LaoJiaoJiu brewing,The clock nimbus of heaven and earth,The essence of the sun moon,The penetration of Chinese famous,Making the nectar of the human world。Thanks to the steaming brew,Storage of alcoholize process,Not only China luzhou-flavor white... [To check the details]2017.09.22 | Views:343

Luzhou aged pit yipin fang prices

One lane of people take honesty as the company development。


One lane and the cellar1573Of the same,By the national wine master Shen Cai hong personally outline of liquor body design,And by luzhou laojiao (a kind of daqu liquor)5A state judge for its quality control。


“One lane”Series of products2006In listing,Is a subsidiary of luzhou laojiao (a kind of daqu liquor) key make intangible cultural heritage of cultural brand。


One lane in the liquor of the same kind have incomparable value。


One lane company has a temper after market professional marketing team to assist distributors in the market,A professional man、Logistics、Financial service system, such as service dealers。

In our companyThe three strategies
Investment strategy

Investment objects:

Luzhou aged pit one lane“The heavens and the earth were made,Swallow aroma”Enterprise idea and I the operation idea and management mode of the company;Successful operating experience with white wine,Level of food and beverage market、Group purchase network,Distributor and are interested in other industries、Wish to cooperate for a long time in the development of insight。

Investment promotion mode:

Channels for investment、Regional investment、Item investment

Channel strategy

Three linkage、Collect the vertical construction:

1、The hotel offer the central disk——The control core of high-end hotels

2、The circulation the central disk——Smoke from wine“Strategic alliance”Engineering、TradersSuper boutique counters、End frame work

3、Consumption plate of the central disk——Set up public relations group purchase department、The winery tour、ProductAncient bronze mirrorGive wine、Sales incentives, such as a backup project

Promotion strategy


1、China merchants newspaper、Magazines hard widely spread;Creative soft routineSowing;Target consumers experience theme promotions

2、New media marketing network:WeChat public platform account number:LZLJ-YPF;Network soft wen to release


Large-scale tasting and gifts;Consumer experience;On a large scaleTo liveMove

Luzhou aged pit yipin fang prices

Mud pit production maintenance skills

1573National treasure pits ChiQun is“Living relics”,Since built for food wine,Never interrupted wine production,Constantly domesticated microbes in pit mud enrichment,Form the huge microbial system,The brewing of liquor。

Luzhou aged pit yipin fang merchants

Daqu medicine making learning evaluation skills

Starter is luzhou LaoJiaoJiu brewing fermentation and smell,With luzhou specialty soft wheat as raw material。The picture shows“Mat rice husk and Ann、Cover straw while sprinkler”的“Li Youcheng quadrilateral operation skill”Ann choepel bacteria,Daqu microbes is the key link of cultivating and daqu-making material accumulation。

Luzhou aged pit yipin fang merchants

Base liquor brewing techniques

Process for the base liquor brewing:Sorghum→Sorghum→Dig a worse→Distilled grains mixing→Distilled grains on the steamer→Steamed steamed bread→Pick the wine→Distilled grains retort→Distilled grains stand out→Distilled grains with medicine→. Distilled grains for pit entr→Secondary fermentation→Identification of open pits→Distilled grains including yellow→Mother of shipment→Mother piled up bad→Dig a worse。

Luzhou aged pit yipin fang merchants

Dig a worse

In the process of base liquor brewing,The mother of shipment from the pits,Piled up into a square,Bran shell surface evenly,Avoid alcohol too volatile。After crushing grain,Travel through the skilled chamfer,Causes the bad and the food will be effected according to the uniform mixing proportion。


See flowers to pick a wine

In the process of distillation another bottle of wine,Out of wine,Because ethanol is different from the water's surface tension,Different degrees of wine(Alcohol concentration)Present a different size of droplet(Commonly known as hops),And for the length of time different。This diagram,It is with this judgment, alcohol concentration craftsmen,In order to master another bottle of wine。

Luzhou aged pit yipin fang prices

The enrollment

Zhen is come after picking wine process,The wine brewing“The fork pried distilled grains、Whisper car transport distilled grains”Techniques such as the enrollment。In the figure,It is distilled grains of zhen scenes。


Stand out

Distilled grains to be distilled grains after the retort stand out,Distilled grains stand out with the medicine and operation are open pit entry。



In the process of long-term production,Many people come to the conclusion that the first smooth exquisite language to describe the luzhou LaoJiaoJiu main points of the traditional brewing craft,Such as“Head of food、2、Three workmen”、“A cellar、2、Three process、The four management”And so on。In the figure,Is the teacher for his disciples on the era of alcohol。

Luzhou aged pit yipin fang prices

Hole to hide

The new base liquor distilled from,In a wine“Yang state”,Must be after a long storage and aging,To weaken the wine of masculinity。The picture shows the luzhou laojiao (a kind of daqu liquor) aging in pottery jars in the cave“The cellar1573”The new wine。


Tasting blending technique

Tasting is through“Eye view、Nose to smell、The mouth to taste”The way,From the color、The aroma、Taste、Judge liquor style four aspects。Substances in the body,Because of its“The threshold”The size of the different rendering“Acid、Sweet、Bitter、Spicy、Astringent、Salty、Fresh”Such as flavor,Through the blending of wine,Can make it in balance、Coordination。

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